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Therapy for
anxiety& overwhelm

You maybe finding yourself tired of managing racing, negative thoughts and fears. You long to feel calm and ready to take on the day. Perhaps it is difficult for you to make confident decisions because  you feel stuck and worn out by overwhelming fear and uncertainity.

You wo
nder if you will be able to have meaningful relationships, work and hobbies. You want these so badly but the anxiety keeps you feeling distracted  and discontent, making it difficult to truely enjoy yourself.

I am glad you reached out.

I help people who struggle with anxiety and overwhelm find some relief, clarity and connection. Together we will explore the messages, beliefs and fears that drive your anxiety. I help with the unpacking of the motivations of anxiety, so that you can feel empowered to exercise new ways of operating in the world. 

Additionally, I will teach you skills to help calm the big emotions that are often lying underneath the anxiety. 
When we learn and practice tools for calming big emotions we access a  powerful place within that is more calm and connected.  When we feel connected to our bodies, we are more clear minded, better able to make confident decisions and feel more deeply connected to the present moment and others.

Click the link below to get started. We will discuss working together further and create a plan to help understand and manage your anxiety so you can live with more freedom and ease.
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