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PARENt Support

Parenting can be...tough. You want to engage parenthood with calm and confidence, but the noise of the demands can make it diffucult to hold onto your sense of clarity and patience. You are an intentional parent and that is a radical role -  one that requires attention, care, learning, and energy! You want to be an available parent, but are also missing the focus and energy to give to other relationships, career and activities that fulfill you. How to manage it all? It can be exhausting and you need a breather.

I hold a space for parents to take some deep breaths and to process the pressure points in parenting. I will help you  explore and release the sometimes big emotions that can come with the experience of being a parent. I can help you gain clairity about your own needs and boundaries, so you can feel  better equipped to engage parenting and the other various roles and interests in your life. 

Parenting in a special role, one that requires intentional care for oneself. When we do the work to nourish and understand ourselves, we can better care for our kids and see them more fully. That is where sweet connection can thrive.

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