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Perhaps your current relationships have left you feeling disappointed. When you leave time spent with your friends and family you can often feel depleated and alone. You find yourself in contact with people who don't seem to really know you...heck, sometimes you aren't even sure you know you very well.  You desire more emotional connection, curiosity and reciprocity within your relationships, but where to begin?

I am here to help.

I help people who are having difficulties in their relationships cultivate more meaningful and lively connections with themselves
and others. Together we will explore your past relationships and what they have taught you. I will help guide you to explore and identify your desires, needs, thoughts, beliefs and emotions and practice ways to express them with more certainity and confidence. When we can help promote satefy and care for ourselves (Boundaries) and offer the same respect and regard for others, that is where meaningful connections, intimacy and enjoyment can really flourish.

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