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Therapy for
helping professionals

Perhaps you are wanting some rest, to find some balance in your life. You have been helping others for as long as you can remember. It can be hard to imagine a time where you felt freedom to take time away from all the responsibilities. You are competent, smart, and can see the path to solutions pretty easily, so you tend to be the go-to problem solver and helper in your work and relationships. Offering empathy and care comes readily to you, but sometimes you feel like you don't have much more to give. 

I help caregivers and helping professionals who struggle with self care, compassion fatigue and burnout find support, learn tools for well being and increase the balance between giving and recieving in their life.


It can feel lonely being in a role/profession that focuses on supporting and  improving others well being. It is vital to have a place to recieve some of the support that you give on the daily, to help process your experiences and emotions that come with supporting others who rely on you. Together we can explore your helping patterns, look closely at the practical difficulties of being in a helping profession  and areas to create boundaries for rest, nourishment and enjoyment.

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