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Therapy for Artists

Perhaps you feel most alive when you are creating and putting art out into the world. For you, staying in a creative state of mind is a necessity. However, this can be difficult to do. You might feel guarded and blocked from your creative energy - you know it is bubbling inside of you, but it feels distant.  Remaining tender and vulnerable to create, when life can be filled with pressures and judgement, can feel impossible at times.

I help artists who struggle to maintain their art practices and creativity to reconnect with their explorative and playful nature.  I can help you uncover roadblocks that make it difficult for you to show up to the artistic space that you long for.

As an artist, safety and care can be a prerequisite to connecting with and utilizing your creativity in a meaningful and productive way. I will help guide you to explore and experiment with ways to to protect and nuture this space of creativity. Together we can help you feel lively and whole again.

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